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Nutrition Supplement Stores Super Discount

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Over 30,000 items of Branded Health Supplements, Organic Health Products, Natural Herbs and Vitamins at Lower Than Factory Outlet Prices

Yes, that’s right, even with DHL or UPS door-to-door airfreight costs added, you’ll still get huge saving but only if you know exactly which online nutrition supplement store to make your purchase for your nutrition supplements.

International Customers (non U.S. residents): Say NO To Overpriced Health Supplements

If you’re frustrated with the limited health products, packaging options and the lack of popular brand names your local nutrition stores can offer despite paying exorbitant prices for your health supplement, then read on for the good news and find out how and where you can buy the same products at the fraction of the price you’ve been paying.

U.S. Resident Customers

Lucky you, if you’re living in the U.S., most of the online distributors and retailers usually offer free shipping within the US. But for those of us outside the U.S., like me, have to settle for high freight costs, thus making our online purchase not viable. Usually, the freight costs could be as much as the products price.

Buying My Nutritional Supplements At The Local Health Supplement Stores and Organic Shops

Yes, I used to buy my health supplements and sports nutrition from the local health stores and organic shops until I stumble upon iHerb in 2005, and have since been an iHerb customer.

Before I share with you my buying experiences with iHerb, please do take note that whatever published in this blog are that of my personal view and opinion, and therefore may differs from another person’s perspective of his or her shopping encounter with iHerb or any health stores mentioned. The use of any information posted herein is at your own risk and discretion.

iHerb FREE Sample And Discount Coupon

Ok, here’s a FREE Sample for you. Yes! it is free. No purchase needed if you do not want to.

You’re also entitled to a US$5 OFF (or US$10 if  order is US$40 or more) at iHerb. Click at the coupon and follow the link or simply use the coupon code WAW203 at checkout.

iherb coupon

Why I Choose To Buy From iHerb

Below are some of the reasons why I choose to buy my health supplements and natural herbal products online direct from iHerb.

And of course, as long as iherb is able to stay competitive and/or surpass that of its competitors in term of lower prices, offers better products and the ability to maintain its good after sales service and support, there is no reason for me not to continue buying from them.

Product Prices

Product price does played an important role in my buying decisions but it is not my first consideration. However, if they are of the same item, Why Pay More?……when you can pay less for the same product.

Beside the massive price saving I get via online shopping, more importantly is the huge selection of items which allow me to find exactly the product that suits my needs and lifestyle.

iherb prices are very competitive among all the popular online stores from the US, although iherb prices may not always be the cheapest. The difference is usually very close though.

Why iherb? 

Surprisingly, most other online nutrition supplement stores in the US are unable to provide good shipping rates for international delivery. I tried many times to buy from other online nutrition stores located in the U.S., but in vain. Shipping rates quoted by the other supplement online stores are very costly.

What About Buying From Your Local Online Nutritional Stores (online stores outside the U.S. with warehouse in their respective country)?

Maybe that’s a good option, just in case if I do receive a bad item or something is amiss with my order, I can go straight down to the local online store or to confront them face to face and make my complain heard loud and clear in order to resolve issues quickly.

In fact, the reverse is true. Most local shops, particularly in the Asian countries, often have this clause in their terms and conditions of sale, “Goods sold are not refundable.” Some stores even go one step further with “Goods sold are not refundable or exchangeable”. Click here to read about my refunds from iherb.

The” local” online health stores, do offered better discount compared to that of the local brick and mortar nutrition stores, however, their prices are still nowhere near iherb’s or any of the online health stores located in the US..

In addition, the range of products stock by the ‘local’ online stores are very limited and often are of unknown or unpopular brands.

And if I were to compare product to product prices with that of the local (brick and mortar) health stores and organic shops, the “local” online stores do offer better prices than that of your neighborhood shops.

However, prices offered by the “local” online health stores are still very high, and needless to say, more importantly they lack variety, carry limited stock with probably only one or two brand names for your selection.  Click here to compare prices.

Rip Off Proprietary Products Prices

Do take note that from time to time, the local health supplement stores would aggressively offer few items at “giveaway” prices to entice you into their stores so that they can upsell you on their so called sole proprietary products and house brands.

Since it is their house brands which are manufactured with their so called propriety contents, these products are very special and no one else sells them other than that particular health store and its related outlets. As such, these proprietary products will also be sold at “proprietary” prices which are usually at exorbitant prices.

Proprietary products do not have much competition and their claim is always that the product is of the best quality and manufactured from their secret formula.

So, when it comes to proprietary health supplements, I’ll rather run far, yes, far away from such products. I’m very afraid of consuming “special or secret formula” health foods, because if something goes wrong after I have taken a proprietary product, literally I would need a special doctor too. The ordinary doctor or physician would not be able to help since no one supposes to know what’s in that proprietary product except the health food manufacturer itself. Cos’ that’s a secret.

However, on the contrary, most people have been sold to the thinking that proprietary products are the best since they are made of some special and secret formula, and as such justify a high price tag.

iHerb offers Very Good Shipping Rate To Fly Your Health Supplement Orders From USA to Most Other Countries

The shipping costs form a very important part of most buyers’ decision to buy online. The products can be selling at very low prices but if the freight charges are going to costs a lot, then it totally defeats the purpose of buying online. I think this is one of the major turn off point that most people don’t even bother to shop online for health supplements.

In fact I did try to order my sports nutrition from various other online stores, also located in the US, which offer slightly better prices than iHerb but their shipping charges are so much higher, with some even costing more than the total products prices.

Presently, iHerb offers 3 shipping options. You can ship your order with DHL, UPS or International Airmail Service. I engage whoever offers the best shipping rate but have not tried International Airmail as this option applies to orders valued up to $80.00, weighing no more than 4 lbs and you will not be able to track your order.

As for delivery within the U.S., iHerb  offers free shipping for any order above $20. Check here for US domestic shipping details.

For International Customers, you may visit the International Shipping Page for further information.

iHerb online shopping platform is user friendly

and very simple to use. You can easily add products to your shopping cart, edit and delete as you wish. You can conveniently calculate and play with the shipping option to find the best possible freight rate to fit your budget and quantity purchase.

Customs, tax and import restriction information unique to each country is also listed in the “Shipping Calculator” section at the edit cart/checkout page.

To go to the “Shipping Calculator” page, your shopping cart must not be empty.

No Spamming of emails from iHerb

Unlike some other online stores, iHerb does not spam your emails every other day to inform you of their promotion programs or asking you to buy something from them.

Refunds from iHerb if any, is fast and hassle free

In 2007, iHerb did sent me some bottles of glutamine powder with only a 3 month expiry date instead of the 1 year period as indicated in their online portal.

I only found out this “short expiry date” items 2 months after my receipt of the order and having already consumed 1 bottle. I sent an email to iHerb about this and they credited me the refund to my credit card without further question asked.

If I would have bought them from the local organic nutrition store or the neighborhood vitamins shop, definitely I would need the receipt to prove my case. Also I doubt the items will be replaced and certainly for sure there will be no refund.

Detailed Products Information and Reviews

Overall I think iHerb offers very good and detailed information on each of their products in their online shopping site. Also there is a good library of products review on most of their popular supplements I can read so that I can make an informed decision before I make my order.

Free Health Supplements, Natural Nutritional Products And More……No Purchase Required

That’s right, absolute FREE. There hundreds of free nutrition supplement store wide to choose from at iHerb. Beside the numerous individual product reviews you can read to make an informed choice, you can also try them out before you buy. Click here for the Free Products and Samples List.


iHerb sell a large variety of nutritional products which includes multivitamin supplements, organic foods, sports nutrition like whey protein, herbs, essential oils, bath & beauty products and more. There are more than 30,000 items over 17,000 natural products to choose from.

And if you’re still paying rip off prices for your daily health supplements at the local organic food shops and health supplement stores, now is the time to seriously consider buying direct online.

To know more about iHerb and its full range of nutritional supplement, organic health products and special promotions, you can visit iHerb online store directly by clicking this link at http://www.

Remember to try out the iHerb free products and free samples, and also don’t forget to make use of the iHerb discount coupon to enjoy a $5.00 discount for your first order.

 iherb discount coupon

Another good point I like about iHerb is that after your first order, you’ll receive a personal iHerb coupon which you can pass it to your friends or colleagues so that they too, can enjoy the $10.00 discount.

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